Arizona Town Named 'Most Charming Small Town' In The Entire State

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Arizona is filled with stunning small towns across the state, destinations that offer a quiet beauty by letting the natural scenery, friendly atmosphere and unique attractions shine bright enough to draw you in and experience something you may not get in a bigger, bustling city.

According to a list compiled by AFAR, the "most charming small town" in all of Arizona is Jerome, praised for its "artfully repurposed" older mining town amid the beautiful red rock cliffs.

Here's what the site had to say about the most charming small town in the state:

"Sedona grabs the headlines with its red-rock scenery and exciting art scene, but Jerome shares the same colorful sunsets, and ups the ante with a fascinating ghost-town history 40 minutes away. Built on the side of Cleopatra Hill — for easy access to what was once the state's largest copper mine — the old buildings overlooking the Verde Valley now house hotels, restaurants, and galleries. The hilltop Jerome Grand Hotel repurposes the old hospital, while the century-old high school operates as a contemporary arts center. Over the past decade, the town has also grown a wine scene, which includes Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan's Caduceus Cellars."

See the full list at to read up on the most charming small town in every state. Check out our previous coverage to see which Arizona town was named the "most underrated" in the entire state.

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