Arizona ‘Promposal’ Leads To Serious Car Crash

Teenagers at prom

Photo: Getty Images

A seemingly harmless stunt took a serious turn as captured in heart-stopping video on a Chandler, Arizona, school campus.

The incident involves a "promposal" gone awry, where a Porsche, allegedly driven by a student with his girlfriend, crashes into a motorcyclist, 18-year-old William Vannasap.

The impact was so severe that Vannasap was thrown into the air and landed on the ground, narrowly escaping fatal consequences.

The disturbing video reveals the Porsche disregarding a stop sign in the school zone, contradicting claims of minimal speed.

William Vannasap, the injured motorcyclist, has filed a million-dollar notice of claim against the school district and the city.

The claim contends that the student driver had permission from the school resource officer and the principal to execute the prank, intending to ask a girl to a school dance.

The planned "stop sign violation" was part of the proposal, with the officer initially suggesting there wouldn't be any tickets due to private property. The principal was present during the incident, as indicated by the school resource officer's patrol car.

However, the situation escalated beyond the intended prank, leading to severe injuries for the motorcyclist.

The district, citing a pending legal matter, refrained from commenting on the issue.

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