The Best Steakhouse In Arizona Has Been Named

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Steakhouses, revered as elevated eateries for foodies with appetites for the finer things in life, offer a unique dining experience centered around the artistry of grilling premium cuts.

With an ambience exuding sophistication and a menu showcasing a symphony of flavors, steakhouses have transcended as simply restaurants to become culinary destinations. These establishments pride themselves on expertly preparing and serving succulent steaks, creating a haven for those seeking the perfect balance of flavor, texture and culinary craftsmanship.

Daily Meal explored the world of steakhouses, highlighting the best one in every state:

“While many Americans enjoy grilling their steaks at home, steakhouse restaurants remain a huge part of America's restaurant scene. These establishments have been a part of the U.S. for nearly 200 years, serving steak of all kinds in cities spanning from New York to San Francisco. Over the years, other cultures' steak cooking traditions have been incorporated into the nation's steakhouses. South American, Asian, and other meat-eating traditions have blended with our own. Today, Americans are spoiled for choice when it comes to fulfilling their carnivorous desires.
But where to find these excellent steakhouses? We have taken it upon ourselves to answer this question by locating the best steakhouse in every state. If these establishments are anything to go by, America's most emblematic food is in good hands.”

In Arizona, The Stockyards Steakhouse in Phoenix is considered number one:

“The Stockyards first opened in 1947. Thanks to a restoration in 2004, the restaurant's classic style has remained intact to the current day. Leather booths, chandeliers, and a beautiful bar all make dining at The Stockyards an unforgettable experience.
The menu compliments the space perfectly; hand-cut aged steaks, a variety of wild game, and huge sharing steaks all feature. Biscuits and cornbread muffins are served as appetizers just as they were decades ago."

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