7 Arizona Eateries Named Among America's 'Top 100 BBQ Spots' In 2024

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It's nearly summertime, which means barbecue season is nearly upon us, and nothing compliments long summer days surrounded by family and friends better than piling up a plate full of all your barbecue favorites.

Yelp recently compiled a list of the Top 100 Barbecue Spots in 2024, finding the absolute best BBQ joints around the country that are worth stopping by to sample smoky meats, flavorful sauces and delicious sides that are out of this world. Among the list are seven restaurants found around Arizona:

Here's what Yelp had to say about Eric's Family Barbecue:

"It takes more than 16 hours to get the brisket from initial trim to your plate, leaving it 'hot, juicy, and flavorful'... But that's not the only item Yelpers are salivating over at this suburban spot. Beef ribs, smoked for 8 hours, are 'huge and delicious'; pulled pork is 'tender and juicy with just enough smoke'; and smoked turkey that is just plain 'killer.' That's thanks to the family-owned restaurant's founders, longtime friends Eric Tanori and Anthony Garcia, former barbecue hobbyists with a taste for strong-flavored mesquite smoke."

Check out Yelp's full list to see more of the best barbecue restaurants around the country. You can also read up on our previous coverage of the "best BBQ spot" in the state.

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